Many times we have to travel through our struggles and hard truths to find any form of peace, vitality, or integrity.

Perpetual states and cycles of negativity are often fueled by:

Stress, trauma, and loss are often unseen wounds in our minds and bodies. These wounds need appropriate attention and care to integrate and heal. Without tending to these injuries, our symptoms worsen and compound with other wounds that have been left untreated.

These habitual patterns dampen any feelings of goodness and typically involve:

Nothing is wrong with you.

These symptoms, patterns, and bodily states present as the problem, but they are actually biological attempts at solutions and protection. Believe it or not, anxiety is an adaptive strategy. Our minds and bodies are hardwired for survival, which can distort our perceptions, thoughts, and psychological responses. But we are also inherently flexible, malleable, and resilient.

Perception and awareness of these negative emotions and cycles are key. It’s not as much about eliminating or replacing them as it is about learning, understanding, and connecting with them differently. You claim your power back. You make deliberate choices for the feelings you desire.

Do you focus on pleasing others rather than yourself?

Sacrificing your own happiness for the sake of others, deprives our spirit from thriving and severs your relationship within. Downplaying our own needs does not accentuate the positive feelings we are seeking to fulfill.

While therapy is a means to find relief from negative symptoms and patterns, it’s also a process of liberation and self-empowerment so you can ultimately be the best version of yourself.

Be Your Best

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