True healing is more than thinking.

You’ve already tried to resolve these issues through cognitive reasoning, logic, strategizing, or even traditional talk therapy; yet, they’re still lingering.

You are starting to think something is wrong with you, but think about this. 

Stress, trauma, and intense emotions short circuit our systems, which impacts our thought processes, physiology, awareness, and perceptions. The pathway to healing is integration of these systems so we are connecting emotional experiences to body awareness and thoughts. Brainspotting optimizes the brain-body interface so that our nervous system, brain circuitry, and body are interconnected and ultimately strengthening our intellectual capacities.

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a therapy approach that accesses memories, emotions, somatic experiences, and information held in deeper parts of the brain and body. In Brainspotting, we engage the body, sensory systems, and visual field to identify, process, and release:

Brainspotting also applies this same focused mindfulness to:

  • Expand creativity
  • Explore spirituality, purpose, and connection
  • Optimize performance
  • Generate confidence and thrive personally and professionally 

What does Brainspotting look like in session?

HEADPHONES: Clients have the option to wear headphones with biolateral sound, which typically consists of light background music or nature sounds that subtly moves between the right and left ears to create a sense of calm. We hypothesize this also engages the Corpus Callosum to enhance connection between the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain.

ISSUE: Identify the issue, emotions, physical response, or focus in therapy.

EYE POSITION: Locate the Brainspot that correlates with the issue.

PROCESS: Curiously observe and notice what happens with focused mindfulness.  

During a Brainspotting session, you may experience shifts in emotions, sensations, thoughts and memories. I aim to offer an attuned, nonjudgmental presence to support you in exploring any emotional or somatic distress that may arise. 





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